Unione clubs

Give your students a memorable university club experience.

Our student club software has been purpose-built to help you give your students an unforgettable university club experience. It’s also been designed to help cut your admin time in half!

Online memberships and renewals makes student sign-ups effortless, while managing groups, teams and events (including ticketing) is a breeze! Email and SMS communication tools helps organisers keep members in the loop so everyone can feel involved.

Key UniOne Clubs Highlights

  • Customise the look and feel of each club
  • Receive notifications for new membership requests
  • Empower users to self-manage their details and membership requests
  • Attach custom forms to the joining process
  • Detailed communications with members and/or club organisers, including email and SMS
  • Link news items and events to items for sale in the store module
  • Assign purchase requirements to club groups
  • Link to a club’s external website, plus Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Generate real-time reports on membership levelsAssign purchase requirements to club groups

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