UniOne forms

Tired of relying on unreliable paper forms for membership sign-ups? With UniOne’s Forms tool you can breathe easy that member sign-up forms can be customised on the fly, as you need, and won’t go walk-about

Every club is different, so you shouldn’t feel locked into rigid paper forms that get lost, trodden on and are filled out with indecipherable handwriting. UniOne’s Forms gives you the flexibility your club needs to create and manage sign-up forms.

Through its intuitive interface, UniOne’s Forms module is completely customisable and provides you with a flexible range of question types and response options. Permission restrictions can also be implemented so only those you’d like to fill out the form can do so.

Once the form has been submitted, it doesn’t stop there. Organisers have access to approve or deny submissions, can easily search form submissions, and review them.

Key UniOne Forms Highlights

  • Flexible range of question types, including multiple choice, full text answers and file uploads
  • Fast and intuitive creation and response interfaces
  • Mandatory and optional questions, and question dependencies
  • Permission restrictions for who can fill in a form
  • Approve/deny process
  • Easy search and review process

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