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Your goals are our goals. We’re here to help you save time, save money and do more in student engagement.

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UniOne has been trusted by universities around Australia since 2007. We know every uni is different. You all have a unique education experience that attracted your student cohort - so why would we offer a one-size-fits-all solution to you? Our goal is to be completely customisable to your business, so you can go the extra mile with student engagement.

To fuel our growth and deliver even better solutions to you, in 2021, UniOne was acquired by Jonas Leisure. Jonas Leisure are dedicated to being the go-to people and empowering activity, fitness and leisure providers to realise new heights for their businesses.

Jonas Leisure driving UniOne to new heights

So a bit about Jonas Leisure, the seasoned software professionals helping UniOne to be the best it can be! Jonas Leisure connects businesses with innovative software solutions that transform their business, boost their efficiency, and make their lives easier.

We bring together a leading range of products that are designed to give our customer’s options and ensure they find the right fit every time. It’s all part of our quest to deliver great value software that can be tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

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Our Software for Life promise

Our dedication to customer service shines through in everything we do, from our 24/7 support across all products to our Software for Life policy, which means you’ll always have access to upgrades and enhancements free of charge. That includes UniOne! You can learn about what our CEO has to say about our Software for Life policy here.

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